Page 30 - The Rifles Bugle Autumn 2019
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   QRF from C Coy in Kabul on 31 May 19 when a US callsign was hit by Suicide VBIED
 Snipers competing on Ex GOLDEN OWL in Kazakhstan
   Surveying a site for a new checkpoint to harden central Kabul against VBIED attack as part of the Enhanced Security Zone (ESZ)
Op TORAL 8 is covered in detail in the subse- quent articles but in essence it is proving to be an enjoyable operational experience for 1 RIFLES, the principal mission being the provision of Advisor Force Protection (AFP) to the Train, Advise, and Assist (TAA) effort across Kabul. Meanwhile, the 1 RIFLES BHQ staff are providing the HQ to the Kabul Security Force (KSF) and are busy with security development efforts, including overseeing the development of the Enhanced Security Zone (ESZ) to fortify the centre of Kabul against High Profile Attacks. Negotiations between the US and the Taliban, the threat posed by the Haqqani Network, and the rise of ISIS in Eastern Afghanistan has made for an “interesting” time. While the bulk of 1 RIFLES has been deployed, the Rear Operations Group (ROG) have also fulfilled a critical role in sustaining the families and those left behind in Beachley, along with meeting a range of other commitments.
Battalion Defence Engagement has included C Coy completing Ex STEPPE EAGLE 18 in August in the USA, after having deployed a Short Term Training Team (STTT) to Kazakhstan in May on the preliminary phase. Also in August, B Coy deployed an STTT to Uzbekistan to prepare the Uzbek Army team for Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL to build on their silver in 2017. A sniper pair also competed in Ex GOLDEN OWL in Kazakhstan. There have also been several deployments for the Buglers in support of British Embassies in the Central Asian republics for Remembrance and the Queen’s Birthday events.
Support to regional engagement in the South West of England has been significant, with much conducted over the summer to reinforce our local connections and recruiting efforts. Freedom Parades of Sherborne and Lyme Regis were conducted on 21 and 22 Sep 18 respectively by B Coy, then Truro on 27 Apr 19, and Hereford and Leominster on 29

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