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    Assessing med skills
Reconnaissance Pl Cadre
The Recce Cadre for 1 RIFLES took place in November 2018, with the lead up being the Platoon sponsoring a Cambrian Patrol team. The first week of the cadre focussed on lessons and practical battle exercises to introduce the almost entirely new platoon to the rudiments of Recce soldiering. Beginning the week after Cambrian Patrol, the Cadre commenced with a 2 Miler and AFT in the opening week, with tired legs and shoulders and aching Riflemen to match. The second week of the cadre consisted of a testing week of CTRs and Observation Posts in Sennybridge, with a few extra miles thrown in by ‘dog-legs’ or navigational embarrassment! The Platoon worked hard through the week and produced some high standard products which would assist a Commander formulating a plan. Mid way through the week the Riflemen particularly enjoyed the brief comforts of the Drovers Arms, although seemed slightly disappointed to find it is not an actual pub!
The final week moved to Longmoor training area, with a focus on Urban Observation Posts and Recces. With the horrors of a wet Sennybridge a distant memory, the Riflemen adapted well to the complexities of operating in the Urban Environment, even if it meant the torture of maintaining eyes on the local burger van for hours from their OP. The week was enjoyed by all and taught many of the Recce Pl stalwarts and new arrivals alike some of the intricacies of establishing Urban OPs. In all, the Cadre was a short but fruitful few weeks which has established a base level of Recce skills in the Platoon, special note goes to Rfn Donovan for being awarded ‘Chosen Man’ of the course for his excellent performance. With OP TORAL 8 approaching, the Platoon looks forward to providing an Advisor Force Protection (AFP) multiple, and returning to Recce in late 2019!
Capt Alex Aitken OC Recce Pl
 Just enough space inside
In September and October, 1 RIFLES BG HQ (including our BC and team from 129 Bty, 4 RA) deployed to Sennelager to take part in 12 Armoured Infantry Brigade’s CPX, Ex ALLIED ACE. The exercise was Brigadier A P Reilly OBE’s culmination as Comd 12 Bde leading a NATO Bde and included representation from Danish, Polish, and Spanish BGs with an overall very impressive Task Org. The first challenges were getting the B vehicles 600 miles into Germany; something that turned out to be painless in no small part down to the preparations made.
Our new mobile BG headquarters was practised; working on the back of three 6T SVs for greater mobility and survivability. A set up time of 30 minutes and pack down time in 20 minutes was achieved; about half of what it takes for our tented headquarters. BG HQ was visited by a number of VIPs including Chief of Staff Field Army Major General Ian Cave, General Officer Commanding 3rd (United Kingdom) Division, Major General NRM Borton DSO MBE, and Commander Collective Training Group (CTG) Brigadier CBK Barry OBE, who were all inter- ested and impressed with our innovation and set up of the headquarters. Overall, it was a great oppor- tunity for BG HQ and Signals Platoon to train in a bigger picture scenario and train the conventional headquarters for a final time in 2018.
Capt Kenji Ara RSO
    12 Bde ROC drill

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