Page 10 - Kettering Festival of Literature 2023
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         Toller Church
Join local best-selling author Jane Isaac for ‘Murder & Mayhem’, as she talks about the challenges of writing detective fiction in the modern age. She talks candidly about her inspirations, the publishing industry and how she undertakes research, and offers an insight into the trials and tribulations of life as a novelist.
An Ocean Apart, the debut novel of local author Sarah Lee is inspired by real-life stories of the Windrush Generation and her mother’s experiences as a nurse coming to Britain from the Caribbean. An Ocean Apart is a must for fans of Call the Midwife.
Frances Durkin is a historian and author of the award-winning Histronauts book series. Join her as she invites children aged 8–12 to engage with the history that is all around them. This entertaining and interactive session brings the past to life through the storytelling, fun facts and activities from her books.
These authors will be signing their books in Waterstones after their events.

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