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04.11.56 ~ 27.03.20
I first met Dave in the early 80’s. He was
in his 20’s and had moved to Nene View
in Islip when he came to work at East Northants Council in Thrapston as a young Architectural Technician. A chance move that was to change his life!
The very first thing I remember about Dave is that he looked me straight in the eye and spoke directly to me. He was comfortable
to be with and easy to talk to. He was deep thinking and conversation was never one sided, he gave as good as he got!
He was befriended by the neighbouring Jeffs family. For Claire as a young nurse, friendship turned to romance and they were married at Islip church in 1985.
Several years later Dave went to work for Architect Paul Bancroft in Oundle and when Laura was born, he was able to negotiate a flexible working day so that he could share the parenting responsibilities whilst Claire continued nursing – forward thinking 30 years ago. This continued when Adam came along and together they formed the strong family bond that has endured the test of time.
Claire was equally supportive when Dave set up his own architectural business in Islip a few years later. His ability to listen plus his calm confidence inspired trust from his clients and consequently his portfolio
of work went from strength to strength. Personal integrity ensured that what mattered was the quality of the work.
Dave was generous with his time, spirit and knowledge, sharing it with his young workforce. My son Joe said: “Dave always made me feel totally grounded.”
David Jackson Architectural Services worked closely with the Ashton Estate where Dave’s sensitive conversions transformed many ‘heritage’ projects of which he was very proud. He also had great interest in conservation and tried to use low impact, sustainable building techniques whenever possible.
Dave’s family
was enormously
important to him
and he valued
every opportunity to
spend time with them
and share the experiences
of travel, theatre, music and food, broadening Laura and Adam’s horizons and epitomized by some of their last family trips to New York, Rome and Iceland.
Dave was so very proud of his children and their achievements, both academic and personal and he encouraged them to live life to the full as he tried to do.
Not only was Dave a great family man,
he shared his warmth, energy and kindness with a great many others. He was a hard working man and was for many years an active fundraiser for both Islip Village Fete and Recreation Ground Committee, and the local primary schools attended by Laura and Adam. He was also an active supporter of St Nicholas Guild – always given the unenviable task of being in charge of the BBQ at the start of the annual Holiday Course!
The last word should go to his Mother- in-law (my sister) the late Betty Jeffs, not known for paying compliments, who said: “Dave Jackson is the best thing that’s ever happened to our family.”
Eddie Caswell
Claire, Laura and Adam would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the cards and messages of support.
Donations to Melanoma UK and KGH ICU Staff Benefit Fund have been received, a huge thank you for your generosity.
Our appreciation is extended to Toby Hunt of Crowsons Funeral Directors and Rev. Nolan Robson for their sensitivity and care.
Thanks also to Dr Geoff Nicholson and the emergency services for their support at the time of Dave’s death.

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