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  “The challenge was made clear that each member
has differing perspectives... ◆◆◆
Europe’s lack of an organic and independent military and the competing priorities faced by NATO nations who are also members of the EU.
The requirement for quicker decision cycles was highlighted and the challenge of gaining consensus from all 29 member states discussed. The challenge was made clear that each member has differing perspectives on what constitutes the greatest threat to European security and where it is likely to come from. Consensus emerged early as a recurring theme throughout the exercise. Many acknowledged the paradox of gleaning strength and legitimacy through unity when weighed against the harsh consequences for NATO responsiveness.
The week proved to be highly valuable and provided an excellent insight into the challenges faced by the organisations charged with keeping Europe secure. There were even a few spare minutes to experience the cultural side of Brussels, and despite the bitterly cold wind, the local beers and waffles were second only to the guided battlefield tour of Waterloo led by the College’s own Dr Huw Davies.

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