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   Finally, the course was treated to a demonstration of the Navy’s underwater EOD capability. The dive demonstration reinforced the Navy’s prowess at ladder climbing as they boarded a target ship for all to see. But viewing it from the dockside meant that the actual diving went unseen; although maybe that was the point. Innovation stood out as a theme throughout. The Royal Marines briefed their plans for the future and worked to dispel any lingering belief that they trained to re-enact the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. The EOD teams showed that not only could they climb ladders but had the ability to 3D print their own tools. This single stall genuinely showed the benefits to be
had from allowing personnel to find their own solutions to problems with only a small financial investment.
What did the visit demonstrate? That the officers and ratings on ships are genuinely enthused by their work and the challenges of life in the Royal Navy. Maritime technology is impressive but its impact is made by the people who use it. The Royal Navy are investing
in innovation and low level changes
are making a difference to operational output. The Royal Navy delivered a truly impressive visit that showed off the Service to its best.

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