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International Day 2018 was an incredible experience. It was an honour and privilege to lead a fantastic team and make this event happen. On the night before, just when a busy day of preparation came to an end, I did a last tour all alone through the wings. For the first time, I stood still and looked around me. Suddenly, I got overwhelmed by all the colours, flags, posters and beautifully creative displays of our different cultures. Why can’t the world always be like that? I hope that the spirit of the day, which bounced around the world several times via Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, will inspire all of us in our future assignments.
To enhance the day, most decided to wear
some national clothes, a koala suit or something from history. Walking from stand to stand was a smorgasboard of international cuisine. Some even managed to achieve a slightly staggered style of walking, maybe from an excess of international cuisine, or it could be the addition of varied strength international drinks.
For the children it became possible to gather stickers displaying all the nations’ flags in their own passport. In the main foyer there were international displays of dancing and music, including the ACSC band. Through the wings everything was converted
and flags were everywhere, with some trying to establish credentials through having the largest flag, incidentally a tie between Italy and the United States.
At the end of the day it was time to find the winner of the International Raffle, wielding both international mixed prizes and gift cards.
The day was excellently planned with a collective effort of the board, consisting of both students and staff members. It was an excellent day for the whole family, and a great day to display the diversity of cultures in ACSC 22.

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