Page 45 - Cormorant 2019
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 plans were coherent with longer-term strategy in the region of concern. Equally insightful, and unique for ACSC 22’s UK CJEX, was the perspective provided by a Political Advisor whose immense experience working directly with the UK Government’s Cabinet Office enhanced the value of the exercise for all concerned.
The week was due to draw to a close with an afternoon of multi-national sports but unseasonally
wet weather brought not only those plans crashing
down, but also the roof of the gym itself! Most groups “
then used the afternoon to retire to the coffee shop
to wrap up and build international relations further, or BZ to them, we headed to the library to tackle DRPs as the deadline know it was loomed large. One or two groups, however, deemed worth it...... ◆◆◆ the afternoon would be best spent exceeding
the commander’s brief and completing the whole
planning process and more (for the fifth time on the
course...). BZ to them, we know it was worth it...
The exercise culminated with slick back-briefs to the commanders before the international participants headed back to Europe. Undoubtedly, problems still lay ahead in Altea, but the participants of all nations in CJEX headed to the weekend, the remainder of ACSC and beyond, enlightened by such privileged access and engagement with a broad range of civilian and military perspectives.

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