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Boarding at the Dragon - Safe, Secure and Stimulated to Learn
    Dragon School Oxford
    FOR MILITARY FAMILIES, BOARDING can offer a very helpful way of ensuring continuity of education for your child. In our experience, military parents’ primary concerns are that their children will be safe, secure and stimulated to learn, and that families can enjoy frequent communication with their children and those that care for them.
The traditional view of boarding has changed immeasurably in the past few decades and we pride ourselves on providing a safe and happy environment in which to learn. With an informality that builds trust and allows children to develop a sense of responsibility and respect
for others, pupils are helped to become well-rounded, confident, independent and motivated – all the attributes they will need to become socially adept and emotionally intelligent adults. Boarders are supported by a well-established pastoral system
of Houseparents, boarding assistants, classroom teachers and Year group heads.
There is a large boarding community at the Dragon with houses for each age group. Children have cosy shared bedrooms, space for games and comfortable areas to relax. There is plenty of scope for childhood play: gardens for games, picnics and barbecues, plus access to the Dragon fields. Prep is done at school, leaving exeats, half-terms and holidays to spend relaxing; many families report that this approach ensures that family time is stress-free and enriched.
Please contact Admissions to find out more about our Open Mornings, request a prospectus or arrange an individual family visit to the School. Contact +44(0)1865 315405 or
Forces Discount - The Forces discount is a scheme for those in receipt of the CEA; a discount of 20% of fees will apply if Dragon boarding begins in the junior years (Years 4 to 6).
               Dragon School Oxford
The Dragon is a co-educational boarding and day school in Oxford which offers an outstanding educational experience for both boys and girls from 4 to 13 years.
T: +44 (0) 1865 315405
@TheDragonschool Oxford School’s Bus Partnership - 10 Routes Available across Oxfordshire

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