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    Wherever You Serve, We Serve.
To make life simpler, Wherever you serve, We serve; Holt’s offers direct access to your
Relationship Manager for expert help and advice as well as having access to online and mobile
banking services. We participate in the Forces Help to Buy Scheme, offer a Mortgage Advisor service and
financial health checks at a time of your convenience to help you manage your finances throughout your diverse career.
       The RBS Group, including Holt’s Military Banking signed the
Armed Forces Covenant in
2015 and were awarded the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme
Gold Award
in 2016 for the work completed
in supporting the wider Armed Forces community.
 Holt’s has been serving the British Armed Forces for over
200 years, originally
established in
Over time Holt’s has expanded its business providing banking facilities
to the Armed Forces and their families – both Regulars and Reserves, and financial services expertise to Royal Navy Ships and Bases, British Army Regiments and Royal Air Force Stations.
        From helping junior ranks open their
first current and savings account, to providing a specialist overdraft geared towards your terminal grant for senior non- commissioned officers and officers
at the end of their military career,
Holt’s provides a specific and personalised service which is adaptable to meet the ever changing circumstances of military life.
  Holt’s prides itself on understanding the complexities of serving in the military, the financial pressures
this places on families; such as the flexibility to rent out your home whilst away on postings, the need to fit banking around diverse working patterns and how having a barracks and BFPO address can put individuals at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for credit.
 Holt’s is proud of its long association and connection with the British Military, with dedicated teams supporting
all Ranks. We serve over 25,000 military personnel across the
world, providing a service that understands the needs of junior soldiers to the most senior officers
and veterans.
   Wherever You Serve, We Serve – For further information or more detailed enquiries please contact or visit the Holt’s Website for more information

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