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 This growing relationship led to a cohort of ACSC 22, led by Capt McTear and her husband, Nigel, attending the Annual Swindon Sea Cadet Ball. While the Sea Cadet Corps is supported nationally by the Royal Navy through the provision of uniform and some training opportunities, most of its funding comes from charitable sources and each unit is responsible for generating its own funds to support its training, boats and buildings. For a number of years the Swindon Unit’s annual ball has been a fixture in Swindon’s social scene. The addition of
a group of Officers in their finest regalia, from all
Services and with International representation, raised quite a stir and helped boost funds, with personal photos with the group resulting in some very enthusiastic bidding in the evening’s charity auction!
The evening was an excellent opportunity to meet many from the local community and to feel like a celebrity for the night and the team were proud to be part of an event that raised over £3000 for Swindon Sea Cadets. With an ACSC23 relief for Nobby already found, both the Cadets and the College look forward to sustaining their renewed ties.

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