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     Mike Udall swapped between rhythm and lead guitar, while Stu MacCrimmon pressed the ivories and Tony Hulse belted out the bass lines. Rebecca ‘Clarence Clemons’ Warren harmonised on sax and proved that there is a place for an electric cello in every
rock band, with Joe Bigg setting the pace sweetly (but definitely not quietly) on the drums. Last, but
by no means least, Dave Calder and Hannah ‘Mac’ Mackenzie led with amazing vocals and considerable artistic licence.
Both bands built their musical portfolio in the first term, with initial live performances taking place in the Scruffs Bar. Johari Window’s classics included Baker Street and Sweet Home Alabama while West End Riot smashed out All the Small Things and Walking on Sunshine. As we moved towards Christmas, the end of term performance took on the festive spirit
“As we moved towards Christmas, the end
of term performance took on the festive spirit... ◆◆◆
with music including Fairytale of New York and All I want for Christmas.
The bands were more restricted in term 2 as the Rocky Horror Show of three formal essays, an MA special subject and the dreaded DRP came to the fore. However, as true rock stars, the show went
on. Johari Window supported the 1969-themed A Div dinner with a 60s set, inexplicably missing the opportunity to borrow the West End Riot classic Summer of 69, but letting Dave C’s voice loose on Elvis. Both bands took the opportunity to explore
a wider range of styles with an open mike acoustic evening, where a grand total of no volunteers from the rest of the course led to an eclectic mix of music from the two bands. While West End Riot focused on pure guitar and vocal awesomeness, Johari Window went for the ‘more is more’ approach with Hannah Mac switching between vocals, bongos, percussion eggs and flute, Dave I stretching the limits of how many guitars he could fit on stage at any one time, and Dave C getting his trumpet out of the attic to boost the horn section.
In between formal gigs, various members of the two groups collaborated as Johari Riot, playing in all- comers impromptu late night sessions in the newly established (open all hours) Club Hendos, which bypassed the sometimes-restrictive bar opening times! This led to hours of mine-swept lubricated
jamming around the Steinway with tunes on request for the surviving few.
The highlight of the year for both bands was undoubtedly the Music and Fireworks event in Term 3. With a professional stage setup, sound and lighting rig and 2,000 screaming fans demanding a night of entertainment, none were disappointed. The line-up included the Shrivenham Military Wives Choir, the Band of the Parachute Regiment, 41 Degrees and the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team, with West End Riot opening the event and Johari Window taking the sunset slot.
In the flurry of final week activity, both bands culminated at the International Students’ Graduation. The focus for both bands now switches to reunion plans, weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. A big thanks for their complementary DJ skills in filling the interludes goes to Hannah Mac and Rob Amor.

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