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The Wylder Valley
'I'm trying to find the rescue centre for wild animals. Our friend, Badger, is there.'
'Do you know that badger?' a mottled brown pigeon said, glaring as he waddled across the flat roof.
'Yes, as I said, he's a friend and a good one at that,' replied Willow.
'Huh! The entire city is badger crazy. Everyone is talking about it. He appeared on the news last night.'
Willow scowled. The birds muttered to each other, shook their heads and huddled into a corner. The elderly pigeon turned around and shuffled over.
'Hey! Casey, come here,' he called across the roof. 'I want you to take this fellow to the Rescue Centre.'
A grey bird appeared and stared at the heron with suspicion. 'I'll go first if you don't mind,' he said. 'When you flap those wings, I could end up in the street.' A few moments later, he took flight, closely followed by Willow.
The heron landed at a field several metres from the centre. He strutted through a gap in the hedgerow and viewed the red brick building opposite. Despite flying over the area, he wasn't sure of the best way to get in.
Inside, staff walked around the grounds. A heron landing in their midst could have drawn their attention, so his only option was to walk. He spied a fat and flabby dog squatting on the other side of two metal gates. The dog was alarmed by the height of the bird towering above him, so it whined and growled as a warning.

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