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The Wylder Valley 33
'All right,' stated Willow lowering his head. 'Stop that ridiculous noise.'
'I'm a guard dog,' it growled. 'This is what I do for a living!'
Willow nodded. 'You make an excellent job of it too, my good man. I'm looking for a friend. He broke his leg in a trap and I believe he was brought here. His family and friends back home are anxious.'
'Whas 'is name, then?' the dog asked.
'Badger. Just Badger,' replied Willow.
'Ah! The 'slebrity creature. Huh, he's been on the tele, you know. Cameras an' all that!'
'I understand what you are saying, but I need to get into the building and talk to him,' Willow said, with impatience.
'I can't have strangers go for a wander 'round 'ere, you know,' said the dog. 'It's my job to keep animals out! Who knows what you will get up to?'
Willow didn't want to argue. 'Very well,' he paused and said, 'You haven't told me your name yet.'
'Slim! Just Slim!' said the dog, shaking his jowls.
Willow's eyes widened. He wasn't sure whether he should laugh or cry.
'Very well ..., Slim. I will cruise over the centre and land wherever I can. That should bring the staff outside, and they'll wonder why they bother having a guard dog at the gates.' Willow flapped his wings.

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