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The Wylder Valley 35
centre near the city, Badger. Charlie Rabbit found you lying in the old pond.'
Willow explained how the animals moved him to the Weston Cottage and how Mrs Weston insisted he received help.
Badger sighed when he heard what had happened and shed a few tears. He couldn't remember, apart from that misty morning when he left the comfort of his warm kitchen.
'I don't like the food in here. I'm so hungry. Did you bring any?'
Badger looked thin and bedraggled. 'No! I didn't. You must eat. There's plenty of food over there,' said Willow, looking at a dish by the door.
'I know,' replied Badger. 'The keepers leave it there.'
'The idea is that you move about and do things for yourself,' said Willow. 'Have you tried to get up?'
'I'm not sure that I can. I woke up to find this cumbersome contraption stuck on my leg,' Badger grumbled, pointing to the plaster cast. 'The fawn over there woke up and found rods in his leg. Then one day they disappeared. He's going home tomorrow, lucky thing.'
'No time like the present,' declared Willow. 'Try to stand up and see how you feel.'
The fawn called out: 'You have three other legs, old chap ― use them!'
'Less of the old, thank you,' snapped Badger.

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