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The Wylder Valley
Willow smiled. Badger lifted his body and raised the injured leg. It felt stiff and sore but he realised it was up to him to begin the long road to recovery. The more he moved about, the sooner he could return home. He ate the food in seconds.
Willow gave him all the news from home and told him how popular he'd become, and how the children at Kemps Heath school had sent get-well cards to him.
'Look! those are the get-well messages,' said Willow.
'I thought they were medical notes or something,' Badger smiled, as he looked up at the cards lining the wall above his pen.
'Badger, I've had an idea,' began Willow. 'Sophia and Charlie Rabbit don't know where the rescue centre is or what has happened to you. You're a long way from home so they can't contact you.
'In Barns Wood, there are families that have become separated and unable to contact each other. However, pigeons can fly long distances without stopping. Yappy Pigeon knows birds in our district and beyond. For the time being, we could set up a telegram relay system between here and home.
'Yappy, bird one, will complete the first lap and bird two will do the second and so on until they arrive in the city. If the system works, I can organise telegram collection points throughout the county.'
Badger nodded and seemed interested. 'What's a telegram?' he asked, sleepily.

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