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The Wylder Valley
Charlie smiled and scurried into the forest, followed by the boys. He selected a sample log and sent them off to find more of the same. Sam and Alfie appeared.
'OK! You win, Charlie. What can we do?'
Alfie cut four logs to size and laid them on the grass. He nailed and tied more logs in the opposite direction to make a platform. Charlie made two paddles and wedged a mast between two posts and secured it with lengths of twine. They lifted the cart on to the logs and tied it firmly to the mast.
Sam looked worried. 'Have any of you considered one serious issue? None of us can swim.'
'O ye of little faith,' teased Charlie. 'Come on, let's drag it down to the river.'
Finding a shallow bank, they slipped the raft into the water. Matty and Jackson held a mooring rope of twisted twine.
'Hey! It floats,' exclaimed Sam with surprise. 'We could be home in minutes with this current. Let's see if it will take my weight.'
He stepped on and clung to the mast. 'Simple. Come on, lads.'
One by one, the hearty sailors went on board, and Charlie tied his scarf to the mast. Harry and Archie sat on top of the cart in the centre of the raft. Charlie stood at the front, with Alfie and Sam on the paddles and Matty and Jackson at the rear.
'Push off, me hearties,' yelled Charlie, in fits of laughter. 'We haven't had this much fun for ages.'

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