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The Wylder Valley
choice but to flee. According to Charlie the changes and additions were over-rated and unwarranted.
'Barns Wood looks grander than this,' he smiled. He pointed through the trees. 'The hanging ropes are for climbing, and people walk on those suspended platforms from tree to tree.'
'How do they get down?' queried Harry.
'Willow Heron said they hold on to a bar and slide across the forest on a metal wire, to the ground,' explained Charlie. 'I am thankful we left.'
Spending a night in the forest proved a success. The boys were up at dawn and had breakfast overlooking top field and Wyldersham.
Charlie suggested they return home on a raft. Harry and Archie yelled out: 'Yippee!'
'Are you all right, or am I dreaming?' asked Sam. 'Where are we going to find a raft?'
'We won't,' replied Charlie. 'We'll make one. It will be exciting. We need a challenge to cheer us up. I am quite sure Badger would approve.'
Alfie spluttered over his drink, almost choking. 'In your dreams, Charlie Rabbit. Badger would say you are mad.'
Jackson thought it was a brilliant idea and ran to the cart.
'I packed your tool kit, Dad. Hatchet, saw and nails. I thought we might have to build a shelter if the tent collapsed.'

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