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The Wylder Valley 79
Charlie strolled through Barns Wood, carrying a bunch of yellow flowers. When he reached the enchanted garden, he found it empty. Not one gnome, fairy or elf was present. He looked around; the stillness felt unnatural.
Above him, the leaves on the trees ceased to flutter and he could feel his heart pounding. Charlie sensed he was not alone and turned round to see Sophia with a host of fairies, standing in a circle of light. She stepped out of the circle and spoke:
'Charlie! I knew you would come here tonight. I'm so pleased you did. I'd like you to meet my friends, Lincoln and Daisy.'
Through the trees, he watched two young adult rabbits coming towards him carrying a white basket.
'Hello, Mr Rabbit,' smiled Lincoln. 'We've heard so much about you and your friends. In fact, the entire district has heard of you. I am proud to introduce my wife and our daughter, Layla, who is only six weeks old!'
Charlie looked at Sophia. His head began to spin and he closed his eyes. In his mind, he saw an image of Lottie. She was smiling and blew him a kiss. Her lips moved but he couldn't hear the words. When he opened his eyes, Sophia was holding his arm. He looked into her twinkling violet eyes and gave her a wide smile.
'Are you all right, Mr Rabbit?' asked Lincoln.
'Oh yes! Very much so. Welcome to the Wylder Valley. I'm sure you will be happy here; it's a wonderful place to raise a family,' he said glancing at Sophia. His heart fluttered

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