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The Wylder Valley 77
'Well, I have so much love to give, but I can't give it to anyone,' confessed Charlie.
Badger invited him to sit down. 'You have your beautiful daughters. Just because they are growing up, it doesn't mean they no longer need your love and guidance. You can't stop loving Lottie and neither will they.
'I've heard you are thinking of leaving the garden and Barns Wood. Running away won't ease your loss, so what are your plans?'
Charlie shrugged his shoulders. 'My brother lives by the coast so I will take the girls there. I want to see them happy.'
'Have a holiday and then decide where you'd like to be. Everyone will miss you here, especially Sophia and myself. Incidentally, I discovered how the flood happened. It seems that a mains water pipe burst near the cottage and continued to flow underground through the garden. It might not be safe to rebuild another home on that side. Nevertheless, you will receive plenty of help should you decide to stay. I haven't thanked you properly for saving my life. If you hadn't come along when you did, we wouldn't be having this conversation, Charlie.'
'Thank you, old friend. Will you be all right now?' he asked, looking at Badger's leg.
'I'll be fine, Charlie. Sophia needs my support and we have work to do in Coopers Wood. Animals are returning, and that's good because Barns Wood is now overcrowded.'
Badger paused and realised Charlie's mind was elsewhere. 'Goodnight, Charlie.'

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