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The Wylder Valley
The woodland gnomes stood to attention in two lines. The fairies walked between and encircled the casket. They sprinkled their fairy dust before joining hands with Charlie and the Fairy Queen. Sophia took Charlie's other hand and gave him a reassuring smile.
High in the tree tops, the branches began to bow and sway. From an opening in the canopy, a beam of golden sunlight travelled around the garden. A myriad colours swirled through the branches before settling over the casket.
At that moment, Charlie felt an irresistible warmth and knew it was Lottie's love. He watched as the colours rose into the sunlight and disappeared. The animals approached the casket. They laid flowers, spoke to Charlie and the girls and left the family to mourn.
Later, Sam placed an elegant statue of a rabbit on Lottie's grave. The enchanted garden seemed eerily silent and empty except for three woodland gnomes, Firethorn, Bryony and Thistle. They had lived with Lottie and Charlie in the wildlife garden before settling in Barns Wood. Throughout the night, they guarded the grave and statue to remember a very special friend.
Six weeks later, on a hazy summer evening, Badger met Charlie by the garden gate. He often stood here, dreaming about Lottie before strolling across to Barns Wood. Tonight, he was sad.
'What do you do with the love?' he asked. 'Why do you ask that?' frowned Badger.

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