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The Wylder Valley
Charlie Rabbit has found Badger lying injured in the meadow. The news spreads across the valley after he is taken to a wildlife rescue centre. Unwittingly, Badger is now a celebrity.
His accident has frightened the woodland animals and they decide it is safer to stay indoors. However, they miss Badger and are lost without him so Willow Heron sets out to find the centre. He returns with good news and a new idea that will benefit every animal in the district.
Charlie, Alfie and Sam feel fed up so they organise a camping trip for the younger animals. Their journey home is unusual.
Badger's homecoming should be a time to celebrate. However, Charlie's news devastates the woodland community and will have a lasting effect on his family.
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                                           ISBN 978-0-9955388-3-2
ISBN 978-0-9955388-3-2
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