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 4. What if something catastrophic happens and I have to be hospitalized?
Under all three plans, you are covered. Once you have reached your in-network maximum out-of-pocket, you are not responsible for further medical costs. If you’re in the Copay Plus plan and go out-of-network, and the provider bills above the 300% of Medicare rate, you may be responsible for the balance. If you’ve elected the Hospital Care plan, you may receive $1,000 when admitted and $100 for each day of your stay to support with your medical expenses. In addition, if you’ve elected the Accident plan and the hospitalization was due to an accident, you could also receive a payment based on your injury.
5. If I add a dependent to my coverage, do I have to submit documentation?
Yes. To add a dependent to your coverage, submit proof of eligibility with your enrollment in Workday. Eligible documents include marriage certificate/license, birth or adoption certificate, etc.

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