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Unit 6          6

                Effective Study Flow

Please use the following study steps to accomplish fast and effective
learning process. It is possible to listen only to the materials in this
study kit, however watching the dialogues provides an additional fun
and important dimension, which accelerates the learning process.

All corresponding videos, which you are requested to watch in this
study kit, are included in our interactive online courses that appear
on our unique iHebrew™ platform.

For those who have purchased Ulpan-Or study kits, it is possible to
purchase and access those at a discounted price.
Please contact us at: to get your discount

Whenever applicable please make sure you watch the video clip first.

1. Watch        2. Fill in          3. Listen to
 Video         Vocabuary           Text Audio &
                                  Check Yourself

   4. Fill in    5. Listen to       6. Watch   7. Act out in
   Missing     Audio & Check      Video Again    Hebrew
Words in Text
                   yourself                    from English

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                        .‫ העתקה והפצה אסורים‬,‫ כל שימוש‬.‫אור‬-‫כל הזכויות שמורות לאולפן‬
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