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E-Tone™: Ulpan-Or Weekly News Digest

                       High-Intermediate Level

              General Instructions

Dear reader/student,

The main purpose of the E-tone™ is to help you with learning Hebrew and
only then be a source of information. Therefore please adhere to the
following guidelines to achieve best results.

   1. Listen to the audio trying just to
      understand the general idea

   2. Listen and try to fill in the Hebrew
      part in the vocabulary table

   3. Listen again, check your answers
      and continue learning the
      vocabulary (listen & read)

   4. Learn the text (listen & read)
   5. Say the text aloud in Hebrew while

      reading the English text and orally
      translating it into Hebrew
   6. Listen to the text again and answer the questions.
      You are also encouraged to watch the original video clip in high-
      level/high-speed Hebrew now just to get the idea of it…
For those of you who are interested in printing out the materials, we
have provided a one-page version of each item at the end of this
edition (four pages altogether) for economic printing.
Good luck with your Hebrew learning!!!

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