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                     Item #1 (Low-Intermediate Level)

Now listen again and check your answers.

Listen again several times till you feel you know well the new

         Talking Dictionary – ‫אֹו ַצר ִמ ִלים ֻמ ְק ָלט‬

English             ‫עברית‬                    English                  ‫עברית‬            1
to call         )‫ְל ַצ ְל ֵצל ( ִפ ֵעל‬    6 to go up              )‫ַל ֲעלֹות ( ָפ ַעל‬
                                             will attend (m. sg)  ‫עֹו ֶלה ְל ִכ ָתה‬
to send         )‫ִל ְשֹל ַח ( ָפ ַעל‬
to open         )‫ִל ְפ ֹּת ַח ( ֹּפ ַעל‬   7 grade, classroom              ‫ִכ ָתה‬
opens (f. sg.)
group                ‫פֹו ַת ַחת‬           8 parent(s)             ‫ הֹו ִרים‬,‫ הֹו ֶרה‬3
to think             ‫ְקבּו ָצה‬
think (m. pl.)  )‫ַל ְח ֹּשב ( ָפ ַעל‬      9 together              ‫ ְב ַי ַחד‬4
                    ‫חֹו ְש ִבים‬
                                         10 stupid                ‫ ִט ְפ ִשים‬,‫ ִט ֵפש‬5

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