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iHebrew™ Curriculum

            Learning Hebrew the Fun Way

                                 Level: Novice-Low

                                                   Unit  2

                               ףיֵכב                     ְ  תי ִר ְב ִע

                                  Novice-Low                             :    המר

                                                  2     הדיחי

        Orly & Yoel Ganor                                                                  רונג  לאויו   ילרוא

       Copyright © 1998-2019 by Orly & Yoel Ganor                                                                                  תורומש תויוכזה לכ

       All rights reserved to Yoel and Orly Ganor (Ulpan-Or)
       No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written
       permission from Orly and Yoel Ganor.

       Catalog Number: INL-U2-2019-EB-RA IDF                                                Ulpan-Or -

                 Copyrighted and owned by Ulpan-Or Any usage without express permission from Ulpan-Or is prohibited   RA IDF
                                       םירוסא הצפהו הקתעה ,שומיש לכ ..  רוא - ןפלואל   תורומש תויוכזה  לכ
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