Page 4 - JanFeb 2024 ION Indie Magazine
P. 4

Hello, 2024!

                                 We are kicking off the New  Year with this
                                 jam-packed  issue  spotlighting  the  mega-

                                 talented Tucson-based band FREIGHT! The
                                 photography  and  feature  interview  are
                                 courtesy  of  Marty  Haviik,  ION  Indie
                                 Magazine  Managing  Editor  and  Senior
                                 Photojournalist. Inside these pages, you will
                                 also find reports on intriguing indie artists –

                                 sprinkled  with  coverage  of  globally-
                                 recognized names in music entertainment.

                                 In  2024,  we  are  also  celebrating  our  10
                                 year  in  publication!  We  look  forward  to
                                 bringing our readers the BEST of live concert
                                 photography  as  well  as  dynamic  reviews

                                 and  in-depth  reports  on  today’s  most
                                 newsworthy musical artists. From the staff of
                                 ION  Indie  Magazine,  we  are  wishing  our
                                 readers an incredible 2024 and thank you
                                 for your ongoing support through the years!

                                                                   ~ Kiki Plesha
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