Page 12 - WTP VOl. IX #1
P. 12

Humidor (opened and closed)
reconstituted Macassar ebony with brass inlay 43'' x 16'' x 24''
Stealth Series
stealth; noun; cautious and surreptitious action or movement
“These pieces are a distortion of speed, time, and motion. An expressionistic new visual perspective
capturing a moment of impending change, intersection, and immergence. Light and shadow is disoriented, and the geometry of expectancy stimulates. Cubes and rect- angles—primary forms of a constructed world—merge in a twisted anatomy of suggested development.”
  Note: reconstituted veneer is a type of man-made wood veneer. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to expensive rare and exotic wood species. Reconstituted wood veneer is created with consistency using real wood from natural, renewable sources.
Cabinet (Cubed)
reconstituted white oak with red lacquer detailing 28'' x 26'' x 71''

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