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 “I’ve been doing unusual
Nimble Spray Crab and Urchin
Chromogenic high gloss print on aluminum
30'' x 17''
photography since the late ‘70s when I used high-contrast lithography film developed in my basement darkroom to make masks for im-
age compositing. Through the years, I’ve fixed and built my own equipment, including an automatic panoramic camera
to try to record the 360° sunset during a total solar eclipse in Africa. I’ve been shooting multiple images to stitch together as panoramas for over ten years, and am currently writing my own software to improve the stitching of high dynamic range panoramas. I know my cameras, lenses, and equipment in- side out, having disassembled and modified bits of them for my own uses. While my left brain is busy keeping track of all of the technical issues that crop up in photography, my right brain can concentrate on finding just the right angle and in- stant to capture the perfect image. I like playing with textures and perspective, and try to give my images a unique feel.”
 W GooDWin

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