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 Arepeated phrase handwritten thousands of times, sometimes as small as 400 letters per square inch:
like a linguistic anthropologist, Starling studies the way language shapes our reality, bringing the deep thoughts of himself as an individual out into a form relatable to the collective. Employing his dyslexic perspective, he is able to visualize beyond the spell- ing of words and even the shaping of letters into how their patterns make us feel.
 Starling uses a combination of micron, gel, and paint pens on 100% cotton rag mat board, sometimes taking up to two years to complete a single work. The petite handwriting begs the viewer to slow down and exist within a more alert and present space. With degrees in photography, graphic design, and theol- ogy, Starling pursues the integration of deep reflection with his artistic practice.
paint pen, Copic pen, gold pen on paper
4'' x 6''
chaD staRlinG

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