Page 8 - WTP Vol. VIII #3
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 “Iendeavor to capture moments of beauty— beauty around me; beauty within me.
How do I express unseen, fleeting beauty within? Instead of painting trees, mountains, clouds, and sunsets, I paint abstractions using nature’s visual elements—color, light, movement, and space. My work may resemble a ‘natural’ scene like a sunset, landscape, or rock patina; however, the image is wholly abstract. What matters is the emotion it elicits. I want to evoke
the feeling you get while walking through a deep wood, gazing at a glori- ous sunset or delighting in the sparkle of sunlight. I believe paintings can mirror our inner nature letting us to see and feel our mysterious, intangi- ble world within.”
Cerulean Blue Patina
acrylic on canvas 90'' x 66''
Heidi THompson

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