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  cAourtesy of the rGco
Breathing Mystery
acrylic on canvas 50'' x 46''
Thompson (Wunderli) was born in Vernon, BC, Canada. She at- tended the University of Art & Design in Zürich, earning a Swiss Diploma for Professional Photography. After graduating, Thomp- son moved to Nürnberg and apprenticed with German painter Oskar Koller who recommended that she continue her art educa- tion at the Akademie der Buildene Künste Nürnberg. Thompson was accepted and spent one year under the guidance of Profes- sor Ernst Weil. However, seeking a more traditional art school, she moved to Budapest to study painting with Professor Kokas Ignac at the Hungarian State University for Fine Art. In 1982, Thompson returned to Canada and worked as a freelance pho- tographer, painter, and book publisher. Her book Recapitulation by Sveva Caetani won the Van City Book of Excellence Award. Thompson currently paints full-time and exhibits her work in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

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