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Unit 1 A Labor of Love

Reading Comprehension

The Taj Mohal in India is one of the most beautiful buildings in the
world. The story behind the making of the Taj Mahal is also beautiful.
In 1612, an Indian King, Shah Jahan, married a beautiful young
woman. It was his second marriage, but he truly loved his new wife.
For the next 18 years, Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz Mahal,
traveled everywhere together.

Sadly, Mumtaz died after having her 14th child in 1630. Shah Jahan
decided to build the most beautiful tomb in the world for his wife.
Even with 22,000 workers, the work took over 22 years. Finally, in
1653, Shah Jahan completed his wife‟s tomb. It was the most
beautiful building in the world, and a reminder of the love the Shah
had for his wife.

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