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By Janice davideit relaxatiOn statiOn
When you spend your time doing what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. This is exactly how I feel about Massage therapy, nails, and skincare.
When the time was right for me to go to Massage school, I was excited about having a future of helping people feel better. Upon graduation, I was blessed with a job at a beautiful spa in Meredith where I spent 6 years providing exceptional massage services. After 3 years I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge and attended aesthetics school and 6 months later added nails & skin- care to the list of services I could provide. March 17, 2020 came and for many of us our worlds were tipped upside down. I was told my services were not essen- tial, what did that even mean? How could touch & relaxation not be essential? I had so many clients that thought otherwise. But we were told to stay home, distance ourselves and wait it out.
Newfound Lake Life
At Your Service...
January 2021
clean, and welcoming, but with- out judgment. Here we are fam- ily, with one-on-one services to help you recharge. Whether you visit for a manicure or pedicure, a facial service, a wax or a full body massage, I pride myself on being present for you, sharing with you what I believe to be my gifts.
Stepping out of my comfort zone without Covid all around me, would have been hard enough, but my belief is people thrive on touch and interaction. We are not meant to be isolated and scared. I'm no longer a slave to fear. Life is short & tosses so much at us, don’t get so caught up that you forget to take time for yourself. Time to RELAX. Hopefully, you’ll do that with me on occasion. Bristol has so much charm and offers an array of wonderful little shops to support. So, when you're ready, come stroll our streets, and know you are always welcome at Relax- ation Station!
At your service, Janice
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3 days later over 100 employees were terminated. No work, no insurance or any idea what was to become of us, our team of professionals was torn apart. It took some time to understand what the world was experiencing, soul searching, emotions of dread & loss, concerns about the future weighed heavy on me. “Breath deep and trust God has a plan”, became my mantra. I had to em- brace what was at hand, a sum- mer with time to enjoy my home, my family and organize those pesky closets...ha-ha. As the days rolled into months, I committed time to understanding the soft opens that were occurring, covid 19 sanitation procedures and im- plementing precautions, I started to get calls from clients wanting to get massage services. Clients I had seen regularly were looking to reconnect and take time to recharge. Understanding their need to connect was as great as mine, in October, I noticed the store on the corner, in downtown Bristol, was empty. Immediately
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20 Central Square, Bristol, NH 03222 603-744-6466
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we stopped and inquired as to who owned it and was it for rent. I believe it was all part of the plan because a few hours later I was standing in what would soon be- come a dream come true for me.
My own spa space. Relaxation Station. A place where I could provide personal services. A space where people can come and take some time to relax. A space that is not only comfortable, safe,
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