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                Page 12 Newfound Lake Life January 2021 Powerful You: Set The Intention For No More Resolutions
  By carOlyn J. Phinney intuitive life cOach
Exercise More Get Organized
Lose weight
Save Money / Spend Less
Spend more time with family
Travel more
Live life to the fullest
Read more
Learn new hobby or skill
Quit Smoking / Tobacco / Va- ping
Any of these top ten reso- lutions sound familiar? Come on...raise your hand. You are among millions. Now, raise your hand if you didn’t follow through on them over the years? Come on...mine is up. Again, you are among millions. Turns out, we’ve been missing a step towards achievement! Every end of the year I would sit down, like I was taught to do, and make a list of resolutions for the new year that
was about to unfold before me. For 4 years, I put down “quit smoking”. That was it. I was going to quite smoking. It was my New Year’s Resolution. When people asked me what my New Years Resolution was I would stand straight and tall (y’know for 5’2”), pump out my chest with false confidence and boldly claim “I’m quitting smoking! I’d get the smiles, the “good for you”s, and “good lucks” that go along such a bold claim. Thinking back, not once did anyone ask me what my plan was...includ- ing me. So, for four years, when it was 11:58 pm and the ball was about to drop I’d be puffing on my last Marlboro Light savor- ing it and all that it provided for me. It was my “stress reliever”, my “partner”, my “weight man- ager”. Looking back, I remem- ber thinking I didn’t even know who I was going to be without smoking. It became a part of me and at 11:58 I was saying “goodbye forever” to a part of me. Ask me how that went....
you got it, I failed. Each time, the next day or the following day I would light one back up saying “I’ll try again next year.” Next year! Not next month, not next week, not 6 months from then... nope, next year – next time I had to make a new years resolution. Fast forward 20 years later and I’m proud to say I have been nonsmoker for over 20 years. How? I made an INTENTION not a Resolution. What’s the dif- ference? Well, if you look it up in the dictionary, not much. But, to our subconscious, there is a big difference. Here it is:
According to the Psycho- logic world some say, “Setting intentions is the act of stating what you intend to accomplish through your actions. It's a com- mitment to what you want the journey to be about as you move on or move up. When you are in- tentional about something, your focus is in the moment: who you are, what you do, why you do it.” Whereas, according to Webster a Resolution is: a firm decision to do or not to do something.
What’s the difference? The journey. When I set my reso- lution to quit smoking, I never looked at my journey. I never connected with my “Why”. Why was I doing it. I never con- nected with my “How”. How was I going to do it. I never took at a look at my beliefs to see if there were any that needed to be removed or rewritten before I made a RESOLVE to quit smoking. This applies to every resolve, plan, action, or intention we set in life. By not looking at what smoking brought to me, I wasn’t able to analyze it to see if it the belief was BS or not. To let you in on a secret, it was all BS. But, instead, I would wait until the New Year, hold onto to the little paper rolled stick in my hand and savor “what was once was”. Never during any of those times did I think about what I wanted it to be. What was my INTENSION for quitting smok- ing? What was my WHY? My HOW? WHAT THOUGHTS/ BELIEFS NEEDED TO GO FOR MY SUCCESS? Once
that was done, I had set an IN- TENTION on what I wanted my experience to be. With that intention, a plan was made for my experience. My experience of being free. My experience of being healthy. My experience of being relaxed. My experience of being wealthier. (Cigarettes were costing a lot of money). My ex- perience of being a part of the party instead of outside as it went on. My experience of tasting the deliciousness of food! My expe- rience of climbing a hill without huffing and puffing. I could go on and on. By setting an intention, by going to my Why’s and what I expect to gain out of that inten- tion, that set me up for success.
This method applies to ev- erything in life you wish to ac- complish. Any “old” resolution you used to make...turn it into an INTENTION. Why do you want to read more? How are you going to add into your life? What experiences are you going to have by doing it? What old beliefs may be holding you back from not doing it? Do you think you’re not focused enough? Not smart enough? What BS are you telling yourself that stands in your way of your intention? Find it and rewrite it.
This New Day, New Week, New Month, New Year...this New Minute, start setting your intentions and making your life experience all that your desire it to be. You have the Power to do it. It is in you. You are Powerful You!
Carolyn J. Phinney is an certified Intuitive Life Coach/Reiki Master/ Law of Attraction Master Coach/ Yoga Instructor and can be reached at
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