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 January 2021
Newfound Lake Life
22 For The 22
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On November 22nd over 50 veterans, their families and sup- porters gathered at the Hidden Battles Foundation’s “22 for the 22” Rucking event in downtown Bristol, NH to raise awareness for veteran suicide. Ruckers/run- ners completed either a 5k, 10k or the entire perimeter of New- found Lake, 18.5 miles (29.6k), while wearing weighted ruck sacks of 22 lbs. or more.
The term “Rucking” origi- nates from the military, it means to move from point A to point B with a backpack fully loaded with all your military gear.
Hidden Battles founder, Army Veteran and retire police officer, Scott Hyder stated that the num- ber ”22” is symbolic to the num- ber of veterans that are lost to suicide daily.
The route around Newfound lake was scenic but proved to be extremely challenging for the participants with the hilly ter- rain, below freezing temps, frigid wind, and intermitting snow.
Rucker Josh Hamann of Get off The Couch 365 stated “through the pain I kept think- ing,brushitoff,Ineedtodoitto show support for all the mental pain our vets are enduring”.
During the event Ruckers were cheered on by local busi-
nesses, residents, some people stopped roadside to give high fives, clap and thank everyone for their dedication to the cause. “It was very moving to have elderly
veterans stop and thank us, and I would immediately thank them right back for their sacrifice and their service.” said Hyder.
It took the ruckers 6 hours
to complete the course. At the conclusion they were all fed a hot pasta dinner and pint of beer, compliments of Maryann and Dave of Kathleen’s Irish Pub.
The event raised close to $5,000.00
The funds raised will be used for therapeutic programs struc- tured for 1st responders and vet- erans suffering from PTSD and suicide awareness.
For more information on Hid- den Battles Foundation: www.
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