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  Off the Hook
 If you’ve ever wanted to try ice fishing, why not take advan- tage of New Hampshire’s win- ter free fishing day on Saturday, January 16, 2021. That’s a day you can fish without a license in New Hampshire.
Note that all other regula- tions must be followed. Learn
more about fishing rules by reading the NH Freshwater Fishing or Saltwater Fishing di- gests at ing/publications.html.
Persons participating in a fishing tournament must still hold a license, even on free fish- ing day.
Find more information
about ice fishing in New Hamp- shire, including videos, a list of bait dealers, and more at www. html.
This annual winter event takes place on the third Satur- day in January each year. New Hampshire also offers a free
fishing day on the first Saturday in June.
The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state’s marine, fish, and wildlife resources and their habitats. Visit www. to learn more.
Save the Date: Free Fishing Day Is January 16, 2021
 By BOB misuraca
Skiers Confession; “I’m Obsessed”
 Like any avid skier many would say I’m obsessed. You could apply that to snowboard- ers too. Personally I’m not as “core” as many local skiers. Many had already earned their first turns starting in October. But the obsession starts when the first ski magazine arrives in August and movie trailers start to drop online. Like a bear sniff- ing the first whiffs of spring the obsession goes back to sleep but is alert to long term snow fore- casts. First you put your boots on while you watch last year’s ski movies and sort your boot bag. Throw out that half eaten sandwich (I think it was a sand- wich) throw the rancid socks in the laundry. Maybe you’ll look through your old photos and movies on your phone. But that
is just the start.
Maybe the boots need re-
pair. The skis (or snowboard) need tuning and waxing. Gotta pull out all the layers: base, mid, insulating, pants, parka, knit hat, balaclava (not baklava, that comes later). Then helmet, goggles, sunglasses, gloves and maybe glove liners. Any of these items might be worn, scratched, torn and just need replacing. What else? Lip balm. I can’t ski without it. I get very chapped otherwise. Also a ski lock. Since time immemorial there have been thieves in our midst so ... lock’em up.
No story in 2020 would be complete with mentioning COVID-19. It has shaken up our lives like a snow globe bliz- zard. Anyhow, now there’s a whole other consideration that
most skiers and boarders have never had to face and that is booting up at your car. Now I’m no stranger to this exercise hav- ing ventured a few times into the backcountry but this is different. Being able to put your boots on in a warm lodge is a luxury
we’ve all come to expect. Less of a luxury, in fact, but part of the whole. When I was young it was a matter of machismo to boot up at the car and skip the hubbub of a crowded lodge but from fairly early on I decided that’s not such a bad thing and purchased a boot bag. With restricted lodge seating, social distancing and the very idea of sharing the room with dozens of strangers booting up at the car becomes the lesser of two evils. All this while wearing a mask. Yes, part of Ragged’s protocol is for everyone to wear a mask unless actually on the slope. Go online to https://www.ragged- to get all the particulars.
Finally the fun part. Thurs- day was partly sunny and mild with temperatures in the mid to
upper 30s. Opening day usu- ally means limited terrain and sketchy conditions. The snow at most ski areas is man made and machine groomed. Ragged is no exception. But the snow was what I would call fair to good! It was sort of like stiff mashed po- tatoes ... with a few chunks. Not maybe the best conditions but for opening day? - the snow was fine. Of course being midweek it wasn’t very crowded. Even with only one way open top to bottom traffic really wasn’t too much.
Being as I am, old and out of shape, I only lasted five runs but with all my gear sorted and ready I’m good to go for the sea- son. My per day run count will rise and, COVID-19 not with- standing, many more ski days await.
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