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October 21 , 2022 marked a
momentous occasion for Mari- lynn (Lynn) Worthen Passanisi of Bristol, New Hampshire as she and her family joined to cele- brate the centenary of her birth. Born in 1922 in Methuen MA, Lynn summered in Rye NH and has been enjoying most of her adult life here in Bristol at her home affectionately referred to as Sunny Acres Farm. It was here that Lynn raised her five children, Rick, Peter, Sara, Sam and Polly, and continues to enjoy a peaceful and quiet life amongst the picturesque backdrop of Bristol’s country landscape.
Lynn’s family has grown to now include five children, eight grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren. All were gathered to celebrate Lynn, her achieve-
November 2022
 One Hundred Years and Counting!
 ment of reaching 100 years of age, and rejoice in the family she has created. Not wanting any- thing lavish or extravagant to mark this day, the only gift Lynn wanted for her birthday was for her family members to take
pictures together. Entertaining family and friends is what makes Lynn most happy.
As her friends and family celebrated Lynn’s birthday, one could not help but notice the beautiful autumn foliage at its
peak. It felt as if the maple, oak, birch and beech trees that adorn Sunny Acres Farm with their vibrant red, orange, yellow and green colors joined Lynn in cel- ebration.
Admiring Lynn in this setting, you draw similarities between New Hampshire’s oldest and most beautiful trees and Lynn and the family tree that she has grown to be so full of life. The most basic factor any tree needs to grow is time. But in order to flourish over time, a tree needs a strong and sturdy base so that all of its branches have the support to withstand the changing winds they individually face. And as each and every branch ultimately derives its nutrients from the earth, that base needs to be full of energy and generous enough to carry those nutrients from the soil to reach even the furthest and newest branches.
Lynn has been this constant source of strength, stability,
energy and generosity in her family’s life. As each of her de- scendants ages from adolescence, into adulthood, parenthood and now grandparenthood, Lynn has been a source of great support throughout each of these stages. She carries much love for and pride in her family as they do in her.
Lynn will tell you that the secret to enjoying a long life is being the beneficiary of God’s good graces and a bit of good luck. While that may be true, her family will also tell you that it is because Lynn wakes up each day with a sense of purpose and goal to make the most out of the day. This one day out of one hundred years is particularly spe- cial though. Her goal was just to enjoy it, reflect and join everyone in appreciation of a long, full and healthy life being spent in such a beautiful place surrounded by such wonderful people.
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