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 onship 4x400 relay as a junior and the 110mhigh hurdles and 300m hurdles as a senior. Nick still holds the 110m high hurdles record that he set in 2003.
Nick was an honor student
and heavily involved in the com- munity. He attained Eagle Scout and was selected as the Best Actor one year for his performance. He attended St. Lawrence Univer- sity, where he won 4 individual
  Liberty League championships and 5 NYSCTC/ECAC Pen- tathlon/Decathlon Champion- ships. He was twice recognized as the Liberty League Outdoor Performer of the Year.
Each inductee received a beautiful wooden award and will have their picture plaque on the Hall of Fame wall at NRHS for a year. NRHS is always look- ing to receive information on
previous outstanding athletes for possible future induction. Please send information to Jake Tivey, the Director of Athletics, at New- found Regional High School.
bait, and a good bet when the temps drop, low and slow is the way to go when the pace falls off.
Remember, fall Ball fishing can be very productive and is a nominal time to catch a “PB” (personal best). I absolutely love the colors of fall and the crisp cooler air, especially when you are the only or one a few boats on the water. I have noticed that not a lot of fishing enthusiasts take full advantage of their op- portunities this time of year, so less competition, means more opportunities. As always, get out on the water and create new and lasting memories with friends and family. Take a newbie with you and share the knowledge.
 Off the Hook
  By mJC
It’s that time of year again, fall has been sprung upon us. Leaves changing hue and leaf peepers abound. The changing of the foliage to me is a visual reminder to start honing the hooks on my spinner baits and changing the blades from willow leaf to the larger thumpers (Colorado) that churn more water and create more vibration. The days get shorter and the light fades faster, so be sure to take advantage of hitting the spots that heat up
faster than others such as rocks and shallow weed beds. This can be a very exciting time for top water as well. Shad imitating hard plastics are also a good bet, especially where you see surface activity. The Bass are gorging themselves on bait as the water temps continue to dip, they are prepping for the long cold winter. I always have a rattling shad type bait tied on for those special oc- casions where I find surface feed- ing activity. I normally tie on at leasta1⁄2oz.anduseitalsoasa
search bait. Make sure you have enough heft to cast a fair distance because inevitably the action will almost always be just beyond your casting distance.
As always take advantage of the full moon cycle, especially at daybreak and dusk. Top water and spinnerbaits are my go to lures for this application. If they
are not taking top water then I begrudgingly slow it way down and start banging the bottom with the gold old standby, “pig n jig”. For the uninitiated, a “pig njig”isajigwithaporkrind chaser and has always been a favorite of Bass anglers since the inception of Bass fishing. Rubber worm like baits are also a good
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