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Play Yard Productions Creates Fun and “Super”
By Donna RhoDes
ALEXANDRIA – Parents look- ing for a fun and unique way to celebrate a child’s birthday, or any other celebration for that matter, now have a chance to capture it all on video where children, parents, and guests can become “Super Heroes” thanks to Jeff Carson and Play Yard Productions.
Play Yard Productions began last year at his mother, Marie’s day- care facility in Alexandria, when she mentioned that she’d like to hold a special end-of-summer bar- becue for her little ones and their families. Jeff had already been hon- ing his computerized video/editing skills. So he immediately jumped on board with the idea of making a video of all their summer activities.
“We had an amazing response to that video, showing parents what the kids had done all sum- mer while they were off at work,” Carson said. “They thought it was wonderful to see what their kids did during the day, and the kids felt like superstars!”
He added that it was just six minutes long, but the parents loved
That response inspired him to
continue to build his video capa-
bilities, and by the following sum- mer, he was able to add many more graphics and some great special ef- fects.
The boys and girls flew through the sky with capes flapping in the wind, met up with dinosaurs, and had other fun adventures in the short video. While girls also liked being superheroes, some chose to be fairies, and Carson’s video and editing skills gave them wings and mystical backgrounds to enhance their looks.
“I kept any violence out and made it all age-appropriate, though,” he explained.
That second summer video was an even bigger hit, and it wasn’t long before Carson decided to take the “Your Inner Hero” show on the road for birthdays and other events.
A birthday video for 3-year-old Max showed the adventures of “Mad Man Max” (his Super Hero name choice) with his trusty side- kick Battle Cat, which Carson in- serted into the video. Besides Max’s birthday video, Carson’s package included a video of guests at the party who could even pose for cre- ative still photos of them, like one mom with her child in her hand.
“For a birthday, you don’t just
Boys and girls love Jeff Carson’s talents when through the magic of his Play Yard Productions business, they can pet a dinosaur, become superheroes, or even find themselves as fairies standing outside a mystical castle.
get a video; you also get photos that I can print out right there,” he said. The video comes a little later, though, after he goes home to create and do some magic on his computer.
Besides the photos and video, Play Yard Production birthday parties also include a lot more fun for a reasonable price. Carson’s mother, Marie, even comes to the big day dressed in costume with music, games, prizes, and fun for
the children.
“All the family has to provide is
the birthday child, the guests, and the cake,” he said.
Seeing the success the birthday parties have been generating, Car- son continues to look for ways to expand his creative skills. He said his drones can assist people in many ways, even providing video tours of real estate up for sale or provid- ing footage to send to family and friends. And his parties aren’t just for kids. He can bring his equip- ment and green screen to business looking for fun team-building vid- eos (with or without special effects) or promotional footage.
“Right now, I have no vision or limits as to where this can go. After all, I started with no vision at that first summer barbecue, and it’s all just kind of taken off from there,” Carson said. “The birthday parties are such fun, though, that no mat- ter what, that aspect of Play Yard Productions won’t go away!”
He even hd some fun with his drone while on a recent trip to Lincoln Caverns in Pennsylvania. With the approval of a guide with a sense of humor and adventure, he flew his drone through the soaring caves, noticing unique nooks and crannies in the rock formations along the way. When he got home, however, that aerial tour became something completely different.
“I had to put a Play Yard Pro-
ductions twist on it, so I added some gremlins, trolls, and other demons peeking out from the rock formations or leaping out from openings along the way,” Carson said with a sly grin.
That video can now be seen on YouTube and is a fun viewing for those who like caverns and ghouls.
Every day is different through his imaginative eyes, though. Around the clock, Carson said he is always thinking of new ways to entertain, be creative and improve his editing skills. But, more impor- tantly, he loves to let kids know they are all heroes when they pause and recognize their inner strengths.
Play Yard Production videos can be found both on Facebook, and the websit, where sample videos, party prices, and other contact infor- mation can be found, or people can simply call Carson at 603- 530-4515. He also has a YouTube channel under the same name, also featuring samples of Mad Man Max and Battle Cat, young Super “C” and his laser weapons fighting demons in downtown Bristol, a few fairies, Mine Craft heroes, some clever still photos, and more. And while you’re on the Play Yard Pro- duction YouTube Channel, take a peek at Carson’s visit to Lincoln Caverns. It’s a creative and fun way to visit an underground wonder!
Memories for Children’s Parties and More
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