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With her first competition jump being at 17 feet, it was no doubt that Cascade was a natural. “It needs to be a natural talent for the dogs,” Milbrand informs me. “And she was a natural at it.”
The Dock Dogs competitions are toy-driven, and Cascade uses her well-favored Kong toy, which provides the motivation she needs to sail off into the water. “We try to squeeze in as many competitions as we can in a year,” Milbrand says. “We’ll travel and usually do about five to seven competitions in a year.” In 2021,
November 2022
  Benefit Concert for the People of Ukraine
Heidi and Cascade participated in seven competitions, and this year, they’ve done five so far.
“Cascade just loves to jump, sowetrytogettoasmanycom- petitions as she can.” It is evident that this ambitious girl loves to soar into the big lakes because she’s been doing it since she was just a little puppy! Heidi gushed about her furry companion. “Cascade is just such a natural, and she loves it so much. You know, that’s why we do it. Be- cause she has so much love for jumping.”
Cascade is certainly no timid dog, either. “It’s a lot of fun to travel,” Milbrand continues.
“Cascade is very approachable, so she’s always making friends wherever she goes. People will
come up and ask to take a picture of her!” There’s no doubt that Cascade’s tail wags when she’s in
these energetic settings filled with people and dogs who also have a big love for jumping.
Cascade and Heidi have been on this fun-filled adventure for about seven years now and don’t have plans to stop anytime soon. “As long as Cascade loves it, we’ll continue on,” says Mil- brand. The big air jumper will continue to participate in these epic adventures and jump into the clear waters as she competes to win! We’re all rooting for you, Cascade!
For more information about Dock Dogs, please go to https://
CALL 508-934-9608
The Bristol United Church of Christ is sponsoring a concert to raise money for the people of Ukraine. The Joyful Noise Uku- lele Band will be playing a vari- ety of Freedom Songs, and the BUCC music director, Estelle Giarrizzo, will be playing an as- sortment of piano music. Dona-
tions will be accepted and sent to the Common Man Relief Fund. The Common Man is matching dollar-for-dollar the money we receive in donations. The concert will be held at the Bristol United Church of Christ on Sunday, November 20, at 2 PM.

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