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 The holidays are fast ap- proaching, and it’s time to start thinking about that holiday shopping that has us feeling just a tad stressed out this time of year. Cue the long lists of po- tential gifts for friends, family, co-workers, and anyone
else in your life. This
time of year can be
stressful for many
people, and that
holiday gift-buy-
ing may very well
have some people
tearing out their hair
by the end of the year, but shopping doesn’t always have to be so difficult. Shopping local can relieve some of the stress of trying to find that “perfect” gift because we’re not bogged down with those big-time corporate strategies and tactics. There’s just a different feel to shopping local and to sum it up, it’s like a warm hug.
Let’s face it. The holiday season is difficult. But there are people out there who make it a little bit brighter for those around them. Small business owners know exactly what shoppers are going through, especially during the holidays. And they turn that stress into comfort when they go out of their way to make the whole process easier on us. Most
At Local Businesses
There’s No Better Holiday Shopping Than
small business owners just want to help their clients out, and with that, they build that sense of community in the local area. That particular sense of commu- nity is why the people of New- found love supporting the small
businesses in the area. Some would say that local businesses
are the heart of every community. And in the New-
found area, that is undoubtedly true. Many authentic small businesses do whatever they can to make their customers feel like anything but custom- ers. Instead, it feels like a family. And during the holidays, being around family is a staple in the season. The unique thing about small businesses is that when they help support the people who come in, those people are help- ing out the quaint companies. Many local businesses would say that their stores provide a friendly and comfortable envi- ronment for everyone who walks in there, and with that warm feeling comes people who want
to keep coming back.
These past two years have
certainly been trying amid the pandemic, and small businesses have been struggling due to all
the hardships. However, there are plenty of ways community members can support their local businesses, and there’s no better time to do it than over the holi- days! These local places provide
the people with items to buy and a sense of belonging the second they walk in the door. Those are the kinds of places people never want to see disappear because ev- erything about it is authentic. So
go browse! Buy some gifts! Tell your friends about your favorite local store! And never forget, when you’re struggling to figure out what to get that person, a gift card is always a safe choice!
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