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The Great Case of the Pumpkins of Plymouth State
By Brittany amalfi
Maybe Halloween isn’t quite over? Regardless, we all love a spooky mystery, and the famous pumpkins that are found on Plymouth State’s clock tower are nothing short of mind-boggling. For about 50 years, pumpkins have been placed on top of the old clock tower, and the super creepy thing about it? No one quite knows how they get there every year.
What does it mean? Is it a rid- dle? A message? Many have tried to crack the case, and some have gotten close, but no one really quite knows why or how those mysterious pumpkins get there every year. There are tales of the
beautiful campus because stu- dents and staff are looking for- ward to seeing them every Fall season. The best thing about this mystery, though, is that it’s open for interpretation for everyone. Curious minds can create their own creepy theories and stories of these infamous pumpkins, and that’s what makes it so fun!
Not only can people come up with and share their theories, but it also sounds like the pump- kins signify a lot for the people who frequent the PSU campus.
Whether it marks the beginning of Halloween or showcases the atmosphere of Fall, these pump- kins have different meanings to many different individuals. And for everyone, it sounds like it is a beloved tradition to look up at that clock tower and see those curious pumpkins. Who knew a spooky mystery could hold so much sentimentality!
Be sure to look up the Pump- kins of Plymouth State and cre- ate your own spooky theories!
“Great Pumpkin Society” and theirpartonthosepumpkinsthat sit atop the tower every October, but little is known about this pe-
culiar society.
It sounds like the pumpkins
of Plymouth State have become a popular tradition around their
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Table Wins Special Recognition
Cindy of APU Mountain Medicine recently entered her crafted beaded table in the category of Native Craft Display at the Fryeburg Fair. Winning the judges special recognition for the table. Crafted
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