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As the national mid-term elections approach in Novem- ber, each state must first hold its own primary election to whittle the field of candidates down to just one from each party, and on Sept. 13, New Hampshire voters will be asked to head to their local polling stations to do just that.
With many new residents moving to the region, some may be unfamiliar with how the pro- cess works in the Granite State. But, it’s very easy, designed to en- sure all can exercise their consti- tutional Right to Vote. All it takes is proving who you are and where you live.
Those over the age of 18 are eligible to register in advance at their town clerk’s office. Peo- ple can also register at the polls, providing they have the proper identification forms. Those forms primarily include an N.H. driver’s license or a state-issued non-driv- ers identification card. Anyone with questions on how to register is advised to contact their town offices for further information.
In the N.H. State Primary, each voter will receive either a Democrat or Republican ballot in accordance with how they are registered. Those registered as an Independent voter will be asked to make a choice as to which bal- lot they prefer. After voting, they can then stop by the Supervisors
of the Checklist table and return their status to Independent for the November Primary, which will present a nonpartisan ballot of all candidates.
This year statewide redistrict- ing took place, altering which dis- trict some towns are now located in for State Representatives, the State Senate, and the Executive Council.
For the national congressional and state gubernatorial elections, all towns in this region will have the same names on the ballots. On the Democrat ballot, it will be Tom Sherman for Governor; for U.S. Senator (vote for one)- Paul J. Krautman, John Ruggi- eri, and Maggie Hassan; and for Congress, Ann McLane Kuster is running unopposed.
The busy Republican ticket (again, vote for one) will have Jay Lewis, Richard McMenamon II, Thaddeus P. Riley, Chris Sununu, Karen Testerman, and Julian M. Acciard running for Governor. For U.S. Senator, the candidates are Andy Martin, Chuck Morse, Tejasinha Sivalingam, Kevin H. Smith, Gerard Beloin, John Ber- man, Donald C. Bolduc, Bruce Fenton, Dennis Lamare, Ed- mond Laplante, Jr., and Vikram Mansharamani. For U.S. Con- gressional candidates, it will be Lily Tang Williams, Scott Black, Robert Burns, Michael Callis, George Hansel, Jay Mercer, and Dean Poirier. From there, towns
will differ, depending on which localized district they’re in.
Alexandria: On the Dem- ocrat ballot, they will see Dana S. Hilliard running unopposed for Executive Council; Richard Lobban, Jr. for State Senate; Catherine Mulholland for Graf- ton District 11 State Represen- tative; Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban for District 18. For Republican candidates, it will be Joe Ken- ney running for reelection to the Executive Council; Thomas A. Dunne and Daniel Innis are each running for State Senate; Lex Berezhny seeks the Grafton District 11 State House of Rep- resentatives seat, while both An- drew Ware and John Sellars are running for one opening in Dis- trict 18.
Bridgewater: For State Sen- ate, the Democratic candidate is Richard A. Lobban, Jr., while Taylor Bargmann is seeking votes for the Grafton District 10 seat in the N.H. House of Representa- tives, and Carolyn Fluehr-Lob- ban is running to represent District 18. On the Republican side, it will be Joe Kenney for Ex- ecutive Council; Daniel Innis vs. Thomas Dunne for N.H. State Senate; Randall Kelley and Car- roll M. Brown, Jr. each running for the Grafton District 10 seat at the state house; and Andrew Ware and John Sellers are com- peting for the District 18 seat.
Dana S. Hilliard running for Ex- ecutive Council; Richard A. Lob- ban, Jr. seeking the State Senate seat; Taylor Largmann running for State Representative in Graf- ton District 10, and Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban running for Dis- trict 18. Republicans in the town will also have Joe Kenney on their ballot for Executive Council; Daniel Innis and Thomas Dunne for State Senate; Randal Kelley and Carroll M. Brown running for one opening in Grafton Dis- trict 10 for the N.H. House of Representatives, while Andrew Ware and John Sellers will be on the Bristol ballot for District 18.
Hebron: Democrats will have Richard Lobban, Jr. on their ballot for Executive Coun- cil; Catherine Mulholland is running unopposed for the Grafton District 11 State Repre- sentative opening, and Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban will be the candi- date for District 18. Republicans in Hebron have Joe Kenney on their ballot for Executive Coun- cil, Thomas A. Dunne and Dan- iel E. Innis facing off for State Senator, Lex Berezhny for Graf- ton District 11 State Representa- tive, and it will be Andrew Ware versus John Sellers for District 18.
Plymouth is the one area town that will see the most significant change due to redistricting. This year voters will no longer be within the boundaries of Exec- utive Council District 1. Instead,
their candidates for Executive Council will be Bradford P. Todd, Cinde Warmington, and Michael Cryans on the Democratic ticket. In addition, Suzanne M. Prentiss will be running for State Senate. While Plymouth will also be vot- ing for three candidates for the State House of Representatives this year. On the Democratic ticket, it will be Bill Bolton, Sal- lie Fellows, and Peter Lovett run- ning, while Republicans looking to fill those three openings will be George Kirk and Kendall B. Hughes, with one opening for write-in candidates on their bal- lot. Republican Executive Coun- cil candidates now will be Kim Strathdee and Harold F. French, while John McIntyre runs unop- posed for the State Senate nom- ination.
Countywide candidates ap- pearing on all Democrat ballots will be as follows: Martha Hor- nick for County Attorney; Karen Liot Hill for County Treasurer; Kelley Jean Moynihan for Regis- ter of Deeds; and Marcia Morris for County Commissioner. No one filed for Register of Deeds but that slot is open for write-in nominations. On the Republican ticket, John H. Randall is running for nomination as Register of Deeds; Paul Ingraham has filed for Register of Probate; Jeffrey F. Stiegler is seeking reelection as Grafton County Sheriff but only
A Peek at the Upcoming Primary on Sept. 13
Bristol: Democrats will see
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