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By BRittany amalfi
Has anyone ever heard of a paranormal romantic com- edy? Or paranormal rom-com, if you will? It sounds tremen- dously interesting, right? When you think of ghost stories, your mind typically transports to haunting tales and creepy shad- ows lurking in the corners. But what if we added a little bit of fun romantic elements in there as well? Well, this month’s book is called The Library of Shad- ows by Rachel Moore, and it
Book of the Month:
 The Library of Shadows by Rachel Moore
certainly delivers a romance wrapped in a ghost story.
Este Logano is a teenager who lost her father, and ac- cording to Este, the best way to uncover who he was is to en- roll at his old boarding school, Radcliffe Prep. Only Radcliffe happens to be the third most haunted school in the country, but Este surely doesn’t believe in ghosts. The stories of stu- dents going missing in the li- brary after dark chill her to her core, though. When an essen- tial book from the library goes missing by none other than the mysterious dark-haired boy, Mateo, Este is framed and doomed to work in the library after hours to make up for it and to find that wretched text.
But Mateo is the one who got her into this mess, so she’ll stop at nothing to find him and clear her name. Much to Esme’s dis- may, she’s shocked to find that
Mateo is a decades-old ghost. So, her disbelief in the super- natural is squashed, and her new adventure begins.
Este must team up with Mateo and his band of misfit ghosts from over the decades
to find missing pages from the book Mateo stole so he and his deceased friends can get another shot at life. But that might be hard to do when sin- ister forces in the library are at play. In order to clear her name, she must help Mateo, but doing so might lead her closer to her father, to Mateo, and to danger.
The Library of Shadows by Rachel Moore was all things heartwarming, spooky, and comedic. The variety of en- tertaining elements made the book a quick page-turner as I followed Este’s story of grief, determination, and love. Este is a fleshed-out, flawed char-
acter that so many readers can relate to as she has suffered an unimaginable loss. To get over the hurdles of her father’s pass- ing, Este must fight her own de- mons, as well as the ones in the library.
The dynamic between Este
and Mateo is what drove this book to its very end. Mateo is this smooth-talking, old-souled, blue-eyed boy that Este couldn’t shake no matter how hard she tried. Their story is filled with adorable young love, or, old love? If you take consider that Mateo died in 1917, but that’s just a technicality.
Besides Este and Mateo, this book was filled with entertain- ing, fun characters that added much depth to the story. Mateo had his group of ghost friends who had their untimely deaths in the library over the years, and Este had her eccentric room- mate and her ragtag group of ghost hunters. It’s funny how that worked out!
The Library of Shadows is a perfect book for a fun, light- hearted read with spooky el- ements and one’s journey to overcome their grief. Not to mention, it has the best autumn vibes!
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