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The Importance of Paying Your Bill - On-Time
November 2023
  By Jim King newfounD insuRance
Things happen, time flies by. Minutes become hours, hours become days and days become months. It happens to us all. Family matters, kids in school, business challenges, all of them are front and center in our daily lives and all of them consume our time and before you know it, another week has slipped by.
I’m a member of Newfound Independence, the local organi- zation that promotes business in the Newfound Lake area and is responsible for the colorful and informative map that gets pro-
duced every year. The map is the one that you can pick up for free and shows the location of all of the Newfound Area business. I’m glad my calendar reminded me of our meeting today. It’s hard to believe it was two weeks ago that we last met. It seems like it was two days ago. Time does fly.
With everything going on it’s easy to overlook paying the bills. Most companies are forgiving if you are a little late, or perhaps even a lot late. They are OK as long as you pay. Insurance Com- panies? Not so much.
Things have changed in the world of Insurance and Insur- ance companies are tighten- ing their standards. One of the areas that has become a focus for them in the last few months is customers that are late in making payments, be it a one -time annual payment or if you are on a payment plan. Rather than being flexible, companies are becoming more rigid when it comes to tolerating late pay-
ments. If you have a history of making late payments in today’s insurance world, you are almost guaranteed to be non-renewed, meaning the company will not offer you insurance for the com- ing year once your existing policy expires.
That alone is bad enough but it really is worse than most peo- ple realize. The thing that makes getting non-renewed for a poor payment history so much worse is that Insurance companies share that information. That’s right, any poor payment history with one company is shared among Insurance companies. So, if you get non-renewed or cancelled because of poor pay- ment history by one company it is known to every other Insur- ance company and they will not offer you a policy because they view you as a poor risk.
After all they are in the busi- ness of risk assessment and fun- damentally, risk avoidance. So if they view you as a risk because
of your payment history, they will avoid you!
Your best alternative if you are cancelled for non-payment or non-renewed for a poor pay- ment history may be getting a policy at an extraordinary cost with a company with a less than stellar financial profile. That is a risk YOU may not want to take.
So, in summary, make sure you pay your insurance bill on- time. The last thing you want is the insurance company can- celling you for non-payment of non-renewing you because of a poor payment history.
Lastly, and most importantly,
make sure you are adequately insured, make sure the coverage limits are sufficient to rebuild your house in the event of a cat- astrophic loss or cover your auto and business needs. Remember, the wrong coverage at the right price is still the wrong coverage.
Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns about your insurance coverages. We are happy to help. We are here to answer any questions. Feel free to call us 603-744-5000 or email us at
Our add is on the front page or visit our website
By BRittany amalfi
It’s time to start thinking about the fantastic food we’re going to gob- ble up on Thanksgiving. The myriad of turkey, potatoes, veggies, bread, stuffing, and so much more. While all of that food is delectable and something most of us look forward to, we can’t forget about the dessert.
We all know about the pies, but maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit this year and make it more fun. I’m not saying get rid of those pies. You should definitely still make the pies. But maybe we can add something a bit more unconventional to that dessert tray. How do turkey cupcakes sound? It’s time to get creative!
What you need for turkey cupcakes:
• Chocolatecupcakes(youcanmakethemfromscratchor from a box)
• Chocolate frosting
• Reese’s mini cups
• Red gummy worms
• Candy eyes
• Reese’s Pieces
What you do for turkey cupcakes:
• Bake the cupcakes using your own mix or from the box at 350 degrees.
• After baking the cupcakes, let them cool and then frost them with the chocolate frosting.
• Time to decorate! Place the mini Reese’s cup slightly for- ward of center. Use chocolate frosting to adhere half an orange Reese’s Pieces for the beak, half a gummy worm for the gobble, and two candy eyes – Stick Reese’s Pieces behind the head in three rows to look like feathers.
This cupcake recipe is best made and served the day of! So when making these fun little treats, remember that the candy dec- orations should be consumed the day they’re made for maximum delight! This is definitely a hit among the kids when they see those cute little turkey cupcakes waiting for them after their big dinner. Maybe it’s time to spice up all of those desserts we have. Happy baking and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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