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July 2022
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By BRittany amalfi
The Bristol Town Wide Yard sale will take place on Saturday, July 23rd! Put on by the The Sawhegenit Chapter, houses who would like to sell in the yard sale can purchase a spot on the map. People who want to par- ticipate in the yard sale and find hidden treasures can buy the maps as early as 7 a.m. on July 23rd, and the event runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. This year, Cynthia Rogers said that the yard sale’s paper map system is new and improved!
The yard sale had about forty wonderful houses participating last year and hoping for another good turnout this year! Anyone in the town limits of Bristol is welcome to take part in this fun day! The houses participating are free to sell whatever they would like during the yard sale, so the variety of items will be massive, so get your shopping bags ready,
everyone, because you’re going to need them!
The proceeds from the maps will go back to the community. The Sawhegenit Chapter has donated to local or- ganizations like The Tapply-Thomas Com-
munity Center, Circle Program, The Mayhew Program, and many
more. They also invest in scholarships like the ES- TARL scholarship that
is available to those who
are looking to go into re- ligious training. Overall,
the Chapter has played
a massive role in giving back to the community, and their work is nothing short of commendable.
For those who are unfamiliar with New Hampshire Eastern Star, it is the largest fraternal organization in the world where dedicated men and women de- vote time to promoting charity,
truth, and kindness in their com- munity. Men who are Masons are eligible to join, and women with specific Masonic, Rainbow, and
call Ken or Gloria at 603-744-332 thatgoesbacktoourcormemtu-rngyeottuherirchaalnldassonsosomneaprsetwtyeget
Time For Some Treasure Hunting
Yard Sale Signs will be posted at y
nity.” Rogers also informed me cool stuff. One singular yard that if anyone were interested in sale always makes for a won-
Thank you for your participation a
donating items to their derful community event, so the
yard sale, the Chapter Sawhegenit Chapter has really
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signs will be picked up at the end
 The Order of The Easter Star is a c
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ciate them. So add to ting up the town-wide event. For thetreasurehunptrwoitghramo,rTeTinCfoCrm,aCtioanocnetrh,eHBreisatorltfou
your own items! Town-Wide Yard Sale, please call
Wide Yard Sale sounds like a fun- filled day that will have families going on an epic treasure hunt! People have six whole hours to explore all of the open-handed homes to see what items they can buy to make some new memories with. Yard sales have been known to have some hidden gems so just imagine what someone can find with thirty different yard sales! With all of the generous houses offering up their space to sell some great items, people can
The Bristol Town- (603)- 744-3321. To register for
Please return this form and mone
the event, they are doing online registration, and folks can scan the QR code below to find the registration link!
 Jobs Daughter affiliations may be members.
When I spoke to Cindy Rogers, the Secretary of the Sawhegenit Chapter, she told me, “This is our fifth year putting on the town-wide yard sale, and it’s overall been a great fundraiser. Our proceeds have been over six hundred dollars annually, and
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