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By BRittany amalfi
 Village Pizza Cruise Night In Full Swing
  It’s time to get our summer fun Fridays back, and what per- fect way to do it with some an- tique and vintage cars! Village Pizza Cruise Night is happening every Friday evening at 825 Lake Street in Bristol, NH. From 5:00 to 8:00 PM, you can come and enjoy unique cars, good food, driver prizes, and a 50/50 raffle! Organized by Dennis and Lucy Ford, and many others, it’s a place where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy themselves. Attendance for all spectators and car owners is free as well. Last year, they had put on fifteen shows with about 1,600 cars for people to come and enjoy. Den- nis Ford told me that they have had two shows already, with 121 cars the first night and 122 the second! At the end of each night, the Cruisers end the show with a short parade around the foot of Newfound Lake. And get excited! There will be numerous theme nights scheduled through- out the summer, such as a parade all around Newfound Lake, a
Fourth of July night, an ice cream social with free ice cream for all participants and spectators, and a Triple Crown Cruzer raffle once a month. Last year, they gave away $6000 in raffle money, so you don’t want to miss out. Ford let me know that they give $100 away about three to four times a night.
With the Village Pizza Cruise Night being the most prominent car show north of Manches- ter, about two to three hundred people walk through each night. Packed full of antique, classic, special interest vehicles, and hot rods, there is plenty to ad-
mire when walking around this fun-filled event. It’s a two-for- one deal with hundreds of cars coming out to showcase what they’ve got while admiring oth- ers. Ford informed me that even with just two shows so far, their numbers are increasing. “The pandemic is slowing down, and people just want to get out and have some fun.” It’s a great com- munity event for people with similar interests to meet one another. People love their cars, and the people of New Hamp- shire certainly can’t get enough! Ford said when asked about or- ganizing this unique event, “It’s
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exciting to have the honor to run it between my wife and me. The people who work on antique and vintage cars put their heart and soul into these vehicles, and it truly shows. Not only are the conversations between car own- ers great, but you get to meet so many awesome people at these shows.” The Fords and every- one at Village Pizza have worked tirelessly to put this entertaining event on for the community, and
the turnout has been nothing short of incredible. With Village Pizza Cruise Night being such a staple in the community’s Friday nights, everyone can come to- gether to appreciate some qual- ity vehicles. For anyone who is interested in this timeless event or to take a look at some pictures of these beautiful cars, you can stay updated on the Newfound Cruzers page on Facebook!
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