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July 2022
 By BRittany amalfi
A Ph.D. candidate doesn’t be- lieve in everlasting love, but that might change when she collides with a hotshot professor. Ali Ha- zelwood gives us a story where a quirky Ph.D. student loses her scientific marbles over her sullen professor.
The Love Hypothesis tells the story of third-year Ph.D. candi- date Olive Smith and her un- conventional journey of how she falls in love. Olive doesn’t have time for love, especially with her packed schedule of completing her Biology program. But when she needs to convince her best friend that she doesn’t have feel- ings for a particular guy, Olive panics and kisses the first man she sees. Unfortunately, it just so
happens that the man she kisses is Adam Carlsen, a phenomenal professor and an even bigger jerk.
Trying to forget the embar- rassment of kissing an extremely disliked professor, Olive is shocked when Dr. Carlsen agrees to keep their fake romance a se- cret. It turns out Carlsen him- self could benefit from their silly charade, and Olive decides to go along with it. However, as budding feelings come into play, Olive isn’t so sure if her mind is with her heart or her brain as Adam Carlsen starts to surprise her at every turn. But as things heat up, Olive’s scientific career is put on the line, and she soon finds that the only one she might be able to rely on is the hotshot professor himself.
A Sweet Story Where Oppo-
sites Attract As the Sunshine and The Grump Come Together
The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood kept me hooked from page one. Olive’s quirky yet
intelligent voice made this whole book a complete page-turner, and her dynamic with Adam Carlsen set it ablaze. Not only did Hazelwood do an excellent job of making Olive a relatable character with the tragic death of a loved one and her pen- ny-pincher living situation, but she also made her an intriguing one at that. Olive’s silly dialogue and internal thoughts had me actually laughing as I read this delightful story.
Who doesn’t love a tall and broody professor? Tall and dark Adam Carlsen would make any- one swoon, and not only that, but the layers to this attractive professor peeled back with every conversation he had with Olive. Olive quickly learned that Dr.
Adam Carlsen wasn’t just a blank and broody professor, but he was an actual human with thoughts and feelings. And with the way he opened up to and defended Olive at every turn, Olive found herself falling hard.
The Love Hypothesis had me hooked from page one. Olive and Adam’s story was undoubt- edly one for the books, and I was so sad when I read the last page. Not because the ending was bad, I just wanted more! Although, if we’re being honest, the ending was perfect and nothing short of satisfying. The dynamic between the sunshine-y Olive and Mr. Grump Adam was absolutely excellent, and everyone should read it because it’s a love story for everyone!
Book of the Month: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
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